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My name is Undine (pronounced Undeena) and I am the founder of Aurora Gift World, located in Black Mountain, just 20min from downtown Asheville, NC. We are a women-owned business which launched in April of 2024.

Originally coming from Germany, I worked in Logistics & IT for 22+ years with a passion for technical challenges and on complex solutions for high profile customers. Always providing exceptional customer care and highest standard of quality in what I do.

After 15 years in Corporate America, I decided it was time to follow a vision I've had for quite some time. I want to unite people through meaningful, empathetic presents.

We don't simply import products; we design and create our gift options with the help of our powerful CO2 laser machine. Gifts that speak to the recipient through their unique style and design, and at the same time crafted with the highest precision.

We will soon be adding customized and personalized Greeting Card options to provide the opportunity of including a personalized message. Aside from card options, we plan on adding various non-traditional options, such as wood and acrylic for messages as well.

Our packaging is carefully chosen and printed by ensuring we contribute to a sustainable environment. We even have custom packaging tape which is compostable and FSC-Certified.

We are always excited to receive requests for design assistance and brainstorming. So, if you are stuck with a gift for that special someone, your staff, or clients, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

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We’d love for you to join us on our journey. We are planning to add sincere bereavement gifts as well as plenty of versatile, new and unique gift options this year.

We would like to invite you to follow us on Social Media where we will be posting our new exciting creations frequently. This will also allow you to get a glimpse into our process and how we work.

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Aurora Gift World